Why have a blog ?

I decided to start a blog to share aspects of my life as I go along rather than waiting till I got the skill, discipline or motivation to write some kind of autobiographical novel,play or the worlds worst screenplay.

Why start it now?

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November and had surgery to remove it on 20th December. This was the trigger.

Why call the blog “Weareallfuckedup”? 

I  think that fuckedupness is something we all have in common. I also like that each of us will define the term differently based on our perceptions.  If you don’t think you are fuckedup in someway then you surely are.

I tell friends that I am the most fuckedup person I know because I firmly believe it. I state this with a kind of perverse pride in that I get on with my life as best I can with my demons and my damage ever-present.


5 thoughts on “Why have a blog ?

    1. Karen, Thanks for the love and support. much appreciated. can you share my post on prostate cancer with those hunky sailing buddies of yours. Some of them might benefit from a check up


  1. From one fucked up individual to another, love your work and looking forward to the story in all it’s fucking glory. Onwards and upwards. X


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